Frontline folkestone

The English coastal port of Folkestone was the artery through which more than 10 million men poured between 1914 and 1918 and beyond, on their way to or from the Western Front.

Folkestone was also the point of arrival for the Belgian Royal Family and served as a temporary home not just for them but for over 100,000 other refugees from the fighting.

The Step Short project wants to bring to life the part that Folkestone played in the Great War. With the 2014 centenary as its focus, Step Short will honour the men and women who served while marking the town’s vital role in those world-changing events.

The Step Short team is concentrating on three main projects: Renovating the Road of Remembrance, making the historic visitors’ books from the former Harbour Canteen available on line and working towards a Great War Visitors’ Centre.

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(Header Image © Step Short)